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The New Saturday Night & How to Spend It

2020 hasn't been the year we thought it was going to be. No roaring 20's this time round. But let's try and put a positive spin on it and embrace our new weekends and how we can spend them.

Movie Marathon - binge a series - new or old -, rewatch the classics or watch new releases. Whatever you're watching, turn the lights down, get out the popcorn and snuggle down to embrace cinema.

Baking / Cooking - get creative in the kitchen! Get out a cookbook, research a recipe you've wanted to try and give it a go! What can go wrong.... right?!

Learning a new skill - if it's learning how to make TikTok's, learning a new language, developing your photography skills or just reading a new genre of book; give yourself dedicated time to pursue that new skill, theres no time like the presence!

Self care and time out - run a bath, open that new face mask, put on your chill playlist, read your book under a blanket or MAKE A DEN - just do you.

Game night - crack open a few drinks, get a game out or turn on the old Wii/PS4 and crack out a few games. Play in teams or doubles and make an evening of it. You could even make score sheets and a winners prize.... but it depends how far you want to go!

The power of music - theres nothing better than putting on your favourite music, turning up the volume and dancing. It's a great stress reliever, mood booster and all round fun evening. Trust me, try it.

Stay safe, stay positive and take it easy.


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