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A Year in Industry : Social Media Assistant : Chelsea Peers

In June 2021, I moved out of my Newcastle Uni house and moved down to London in a whirlwind of a week which included meeting my new, entire team of colleagues, finding and moving into a new house with new housemates and finding my feet in the city of London.

My first day in office was amazing, I'm working within the Digital Marketing Team under Jess Hewson - the Creative Director for Chelsea Peers and Adison Clarke who has also recently started as Chelsea Peers' Digital Director. The office is situated on the riverside by Hammersmith Bridge, directly above The River Cafe - which turns out to host a wealth of celebrities every other day! E.g : Elton John, David Beckham, Rick Astley and Gary Lineker - just to name a few!

Chelsea Peers has a small team, led by founders Tom and Lara Pyne . We have a production, design, logistics and ECOM / digital marketing teams. As Jess's assistant, I've already been given a lot of responsibility and have truly been thrown in the deep end in terms of learning on the job! It's really made me learn and work hard to achieve the best results. I've also loved getting to grips with the industry, my different aspects of my job and creatively pushing myself.

During the first month of my work at Chelsea Peers, I quickly found out that the team trusted me with a lot and let me lead both creatively and logistically in how I wanted to work and this pushed me to work hard and made me proud of what I was doing. During my first month I completed the below :

Planned and assisted the launch of our SS21 Wellness Collection . Holding creative brainstorm and creative organic content plans, to design and create an entire collection of organic content across all platforms - IG, FB, TW, PIN, TT. I Curated and launched the teaser campaign for the collection including interviews with the Design team getting an insight and exclusive details about the SS21 Collection. Our teaser campaign ended up driving a 2.75% Engagement Rate and over 600 likes over a 2 day campaign. Alongside the organic content, I also created, designed and wrote all Paid Social ads for the Wellness Collection for all audiences - cold, hot, gender specific, age specific, buying habit specific etc - again for all social platforms and google display. I also curated ads for our brand partnerships e.g. Klarna.

During my first month, I founded 'Chelsea Peers Loves' - a weekly organic story featuring influencers/customers wearing our current collection 'Summer Pop', featuring links to our website and incentivising the act of posting - to be featured.

A couple of the gifted influencers I've worked over the past few weeks are:

And here's some fun UGC which I've created with influencers!

I undertook extensive research to find 100+ influencers to gift our Wellness Collection too. I'm keeping spreadsheets containing all relevant details from the influencers and information like content plans, shipping dates, preferred garments etc. Once signed off from a brand and marketing perspective, I completed all outreach and communications per individual, detail logging and order processing, content receiving and logging into correct Dropbox files and re-posting, follow up messages to continue communications and relationship building. I've been communicating and working many influencers, but a couple of my favourites are listed below!

I also took ownership of all Brand / Influencer collaboration emails - leading communications between CP and brands and negotiating deals and agreements for paid content. During my creative sessions for organic and paid content, I developed my skills in InDesign and Illustrator - growing my knowledge of marketing and content creation. I sometimes feel it takes me a while to grow these skills and remember processes/shortcuts for creating content through Adobe Software but I'm sure it's a process that comes with time! Finally, I also attended some ECOM shoots this month working with the team and models to create BTS and TikTok's - developing my creative direction skills and professional persona with outsourced clients.

Some examples of paid ads I created which we also used on organic stories for IG:


During July, our main project was the role out of SS21 Wellness Collection. I oversaw and led the launch of Wellness SS21 over all social platforms, completing all posting, community management and continual organic posting and content creation. We launched new styles and prints, including introducing our newest fabric 'Modal'.

During July, we also planned for our launch of our first ever Menswear Collection - curated with my own creatives, organic content and gifting research/outreach. In sessions like this, myself and Jess would map out how we wanted to demonstrate the new collection, how we're going to market it and how we're going to do that through visuals, copy and influencers. We also held castings for our Menswear modelling - which I picked the models for our upcoming Menswear ECOM shoots. We ended up working with @jackwaldouck

I also launched our CPNY Influencer Program - self selecting Influencers both new and from previous collaborations for a new paid collaboration program. I curated, designed and signed off the official document and started circulating it to the select ambassadors we wanted to work with the following month, working on many individual creative content briefs, ensuring content and brand guidelines were met and up to standard. This ensured we were receiving content for specific platforms and which met our brand pillars and topics of conversation that resonate with each individual platform demographic. Here is a screenshot of our Influencer Program Strategy Spreadsheet.

July was also a month where I've been asked to improve and grow our database of outsourcing contacts for example photographers, stylers and make up artists. I also undertook extensive market research into our brand, our competitors, our industry and its current trends to assist mapping our Chelsea Peers new marketing slogan 'Made for Modern Lounging'. This enabled me to gather a deeper knowledge and insight into the industry I was part of. As part of this new slogan, myself and Jess mapped out and held weekly think-tanks to creatively use our new slogan for the rest of the seasonal year.

During July, in-line with the industry, I worked on and lead the creatives for our End of Summer Season Sale ads - working with PUSH our creative agency - on all paid assets for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Google - creating new formats for all audiences, e.g. Cold, Hot, Family, etc. I also created and designed the USA shipping launch ads which launched at the end of July and we also re-issued new creatives for the Wellness Collection - including new formats and editing new wellness video content for organic and paid social. Some of the ads created are listed below:

  • Swimwear

  • New in : foils

  • Best sellers

  • Sign up to newsletter : 15%off - women's, kid's, mens', maternity, curve

  • Loungewear

  • Just arrived

  • Modals

  • Video - new prints, modal, summer sale, Klarna

  • Women's & Men's fabric and quality focus

  • TikTok video ads - fast edit, spin, jump, bts and prints focus

  • Summer sale - ends midnight, flash sale, video, 25% off

This developed my skills in InDesign and Premier Pro. I also kickstarted our Youtube gifting strategy, completing research into Youtuber's, completing outreaches and data collection plus gifting orders and content briefs. We worked on mainly, the haul aspect of Youtube videos with personalised UTM links to our website and discount codes for their communities to aid our sales and reach new customer demographics. Example here

As I attended more ECOM shoots and grew more competent of the shoot processes, I've been passed on the role of organising and communicating the ECOM photoshoots. This role includes creating shoot plans via InDesign, communicating with our E-Commerce team for shoot lists and sending out call sheets to models, creative teams and photographer.

Other noteworthy mentions are I pitched and created a new series of weekly stories, where I used our positive Feefo reviews into organic stories for Instagram - showcasing our reviews and encouraging our customers to post, in a hope to be featured.

I also started our exclusive monthly competition 'Monthly Modern Lounging' for influencers and our customers to enter for a chance to win a £200 gift card if they post an image with #modernlounging - in an aim to increase marketing awareness of our new slogan and lifestyle brand image and boost levels of UGC created.


August has been another super busy month! Seeing in he launch and role out of our first ever Menswear Collection! The launch was super successful on socials! For example, our launch TikTok got 20k views with our account still having a small following of under 1k. We also worked with @chrisbeviere on some BTS trending TikTok's which you can see here , here and here. It was super fun to work with Chris - he had a lot of energy and brought some fun ideas to the table!

Over on Instagram, we ran Q&A's and Discover our Collection stories to provide a deep insight into the new range of products. We focused on Organic Cotton, Statement Prints and Cosy and Durable as marketing points.

UCC for Wellness had started to come through at a decent rate by August, we had some great performing posts, for example:

We also saw a large following increase of 2.4k in a month, which was driven by increasing influencer relationships.

I redefined our gifting and influencer relation strategy into a new Spreadsheet to allow for better mapped our relations and to allow us to redirect our partnerships back to our brand, our values and core marketing pillars. Linking to this, I've developed our Influencer Program more during this month, working with several influencers on a paid basis to create content that links to our brand image and values. A couple of examples are below:

I continued paid asset content creation for our Summer Sale - Google Display in particular - and as part of our organic support, I came up with a trending TikTok content idea, executed the influencer gifting and brief and posted the video, which gained the most traction the channel has ever seen - generating 4k likes and 314k views with an average watch time of 4.3seconds. This was in an effort to promote our sales communications in a fun and trending way.

As AW22 approaches, we've been spending a lot of time generating plans for both paid and organic content for our first AW Collection - Mystic Opulence. This collection is focused on women empowerment, luxury fabrics and magic. Jess really allowed me to take the reins and allowed me to fully pitch all concepts and marketing ideas which I brainstormed. Many of them are being taken forward and used including tag lines, image selections, video edits for paid ads and the general socials direction and gifting plans. The collection is being slightly pushed back due to stock arrivals but this has given us more time to fully plan and make sure every aspect is covered.

Download PDF • 20.67MB

We've also completed the ECOM shoot for all of the AW21 styles which I led all the BTS content creation - posting polls and Q&A's during the shoot, using these to map out all the exclusive sneak peaks we released. This series of BTS content was the most interacted with to date (2000-400 interactions per story slide) and received a lot of praise both internally and externally. I created this TikTok video which was also used in IG stories and feed.

Other notable story successes were the continuation of posting TOT's - a print focused TOT generating over 1200 interactions per slide and hundreds of link clicks to our site. Along with AW21 content planning, I also created the teaser and launch ads for Mystic Opulence, using my own creative copy - 'Fall Under the Spell' and 'Reveal Your Inner Goddess' visuals. Some of the different ad formats are below:

  • Carousel female, male, luxury, quality

  • Collection x3

  • Drop 2

  • Google Display

  • Pinterest

  • Details

  • Group

  • Fall Under the Spell

  • Mens

  • Video ads

I was handed another responsibility this month in the form of conducting and creating our weekly social media reports. These reports feature out weekly analytics- including follower growth, average engagement rate, story engagements such as click forward rates, impressions and views. From this, I've been able to identify and map out positives, negatives and actions for the following weeks. This really developed my drive and direction for socials.

A sad note to the end of August is that Jess (my manager) will be leaving at the end of September! She's moving onto another job more suited to her skill set in design, which truthfully has knocked me a little. It's a little scary to be faced with no manager and no creative assistance! At the moment, I'm feeling a little uneasy in my position and working longer hours to manage the workload and extra control I now have.


Looking at September, it's been the hardest month to date and has proven to be a lull for the entire industry. I felt it was a harder month for socials as engagement dried up and our account was under performing. Our monthly average engagement rate dropped to 1.94% with many posts bringing in around 1.5% which is much lower than preferred. Over the month, we've seen a slower growth of 1k followers, which is good but I was forecasting higher with our previous success through summer.

As an answer to this, I identified a need to show our community more BTS, so I created and posted one of our top performing reels to date, featuring a Day in the Life of a Social Media Assistant for Chelsea Peers. I filmed, edited and shared it via Instagram and TikTok and we ended up getting a lot of engagement for it! The reel received 14.9k views on Instagram. and over 200 likes, 24 comments and 10 saves. This gave it a 19.5% engagement rate which is amazing! Another couple of anomalies, to our slow month is a UGC post driving a 2.32% engagement rate, 300 likes and 45 comments and a UGC TikTok featuring our Wellness PJs and focusing on mental health. I think with AW approaching, this topic of conversation resonated with our audience and pushed the views, resulting in 4k views.

With a slower month online and internal issues with stock deliveries meaning weeks of delay for Mystic Opulence delay, I've been focusing on the following :

  • Novel Collection gifting - approaching family bloggers and classic print lovers with our more wacky prints and family sets. This has been in a hope to drive sales from high levels of stock and keep socials sales coming in, alongside generating fresh content that resonates with our brand pillars.

  • Fine-tuning Teaser / Launch of Mystic Opulence

  • Generating 100 plus gifting strategy for the upcoming launch

  • Organising press packages and I wrote the press release for our press launch. This was the first press release I've ever wrote and it came back with no amends or adjustments, so was super happy!

Mystic Opulence Press Release (2)
Download PDF • 1.77MB

A large focus for September and milestone, was our Christmas Campaign Shoot! A full on day on location, at Lara's mum's house - a stunning house in Surrey. We had a huge team on board, with 3x teams of make up/hair artists, 15 models and all of Chelsea Peers team. I organised all of the BTS and captured it on the day. I assisted the videographer with content capturing and helped on tasks such as steaming and hosting the models. Overall, it was a super super fun day and the shoot went really well. We shot a mixture of our Mystic Opulence range in a family/friends setting for campaign flow and our entire Christmas range. Some of my favourite shots of the day are below.

Vintage Xmas Campaign Photoshoot_compressed
Download PDF • 11.00MB


October has been a super busy month and a successful one! We've finally launched Mystic Opulence and I'm super happy to see it live and getting the love it deserves! It was super fun rolling out the teaser and launch campaigns and also the launch of our first ever Instagram Filter! Some of my favourite assets from both campaigns are attached below.

Since the stock has arrived, gifting could also be sent out, so all the data I had collected (sizing/delivery) was processed as over 80+ orders in the exchange for content. All of this process is done by Shopify, a channel which I now feel 1000% happy with.

Influencers of note for this collection are:

Some fun gifted content I organised is below:

Similar to other launches and daily work I undertake, I oversaw all community management and content production - from creation to posting. This month I planned and organised two sets of content which were new to Chelsea Peers channels:

  • Running the first ever IG Live with @jakiyathiawbrown talking about self empowerment, strong women and her self empowerment tips. This was a big step for me, as I'm really not a lover of public speaking, live camera talking or general presenting! However, I went live and it was a successful session!

  • Organising and writing a collaborative blog feature on our photographers @chrisandruth - including sending them the clothing, a content brief and Q&A style brief. The blog can be found on our website, which I did multiple organic posts supporting. Chris and Ruth were brilliant to work with and super interesting for our community to engage with.

I also organised and posted the following

  • Mystic Giveaway - largest response to a Giveaway this year, with 2000+ likes, 921 comments and 454 saves. We had thousands of story re-shares and a total 6.68% engagement rate!

  • Halloween Giveaway - my own idea, buying a Fortnum & Mason hamper and shooting the images in office. Also super successful, with over 2000+ likes, 2.2k comments and 1k saves. This giveaway turned out to be more successful than the Mystic Opulence one, which is great!

  • Monthly Seasonal TOT series

  • Star Sign Lounging

  • Halloween Flash Sale organic supporting stories - I also designed the website sale assets which went live over Halloween

  • New website launch supporting content

  • Seasonal themed content

So, our October feed ended up looking like this :

Top performing posts include :

  • @its_sophielew UGC post showing our PJs worn as a night out outfit - the perfect example of modern lounging! This post brought in a 3.11% engagement rate, 470 likes, 18 comments and 25 saves

  • Campaign photography bringing in a 3.35% engagement rate, 900 likes, 54 comments and 241 saves

  • Launch campaign posts bringing in a 3.38% engagement rate, 338 likes, 200 comments and 146 saves

  • Giveaway post (Mystic) bringing in a 6.68% engagement rate, 2k likes, 900 comments and 454 saves

More top posts can be seen here :

And our stories included :

By the end of the second week of October we had hit a large milestone of 80k followers! This was super exciting and really regarding to see, as when I joined we had 65k.

Since Mystic Opulence was up and running, as a team this month we're concentrating on Nordic Hideaway, our next collection launch, set to go live in October/November. This includes, like before, all of the research, creative brainstorms and gifting strategies for the new collection. Since this collection was more focused on the outdoors and nature, I was approaching a whole different caliber of influencers in contrast to Mystic Opulence - which had been focused on strong empowered women- I was now researching more family based, nature lover, travel blogger style influencers. also brainstormed and created Nordic's organic content plan, paid ads and copy for both.

Download PDF • 12.92MB

I edited and re-formatted Nordic Look-books for Youtube, website and ads usage. I created a family edit and a Nordic Hideaway campaign video.

I also created the paid ads for IG, FB, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok.

In terms of our Paid Influencer Program, the only larger campaign I worked on this moth, was with @jordaneasha which you can see the creative brief and content generated below:

Towards the end of October, Nordic Hideaway has gone live! It's looking really autumnal and seasonal and it's the perfect introduction into the colder weather and seasonal feels which are dominating the social marketing at the moment!

Throughout November, I've also been factoring in time spent on developing and perfecting the content calendar, paid and organic social, influencer collaborations and gifting outreach/research for our upcoming Christmas launch. As this is such an important launch and one of the collections which drives a majority of our yearly sales, we've been putting a lot of creative hours into the campaign plan.

Overall, October has been a great month, I've really felt in control and happy with all the work, I've been able to complete more work in the same time period and balance my schedules better. Looking at our monthly performance, we're at a 3.12% engagement rate and have brought in 7.5k likes, 1.3k comments, 6.2k following increase!


As the run-up to the busiest time of year begins and the countdown to Christmas is truly in high gear November has been a super busy one! I kicked off the month by posting a 'It's The First of The Month' series which proved the most successful so far with around 700 votes per slide! I also continued our Nordic Hideaway organic content calendar featuring topical and seasonal content such as 5 Outdoors Activities for Kids, Affirmations for the colder months, The Ultimate Guide to Bonfire Night and so on!

We've been featured in Zoella's stories twice this week, on their website and within a reel - which has been super exciting and great for our socials! We've had a previous relationship with Zoe and the team in previous years and we recently got back in touch with our Christmas PJs and this turned out to be a success!

On the 5th we launched Vintage Christmas - our Christmas range of PJs for women - including curve and maternity, men, kids, babies and dogs!

I was, as usual in charge of rolling out all of the organic campaigns across all social platforms. Our whole online persona switched to Christmas and Vintage Christmas was now at the forefront of our marketing. Our launch feed brought in an average engagement rate of 2.52% over three days and 600 likes. I also launched our Christmas Lookbook over on Youtube which gained 2.1k views (previously edited in October).

I started outreach to the 150 influencers who I'd researched and wanted to use for our campaign. I kickstarted another message, detail collection and processing gifting orders process. A couple influencers of note for this collection include:

We also included a last minute gifting push, specifically for our Fairisle PJ's, so I researched and added on an extra 80+ influencers - specifically family/couples.

As the first week of November drew to a close, I ran a small organic series of content focused on dogs in the office - featuring our team pooches Ollie and Fred in a partnership with BARC London and a Get to Know our Models from the Vintage Christmas Shoot - this was done by conducting mini interviews with each model and showcasing them on our stories in an aim to promote our inclusivity in gender, race, age and size.

We had a final ECOM shoot in November, featuring family matching PJs. I captured all the BTS footage, signed off images from a website perspective and assisted with steaming and model assistance.

During mid-November, I organised and ran a partnership with SWOON, which we did a collaboration giveaway on Instagram. It drove a healthy interaction with 1.5k comments and 650 likes. I managed everything from the content shoot, communications and social marketing boundaries and guidelines.

Instagram was featuring a mixture of Nordic and Vintage UGC, campaign images and stories focused on winter health, best selling pjs, Christmas gifting and a solid push on our Fairisle Christmas Print. These weeks were also jam packed due to the last minute ad changes for Black Friday. I created over 75 different style ads for all social platforms, including Gif formats, videos, static - carousel and collection and moving graphics for Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram. This was for early access 25% off, 25% off, 40% off and final 24hrs 40% off. The Black Friday Ad creation week was hectic and time consuming but very rewarding.

I supported Black Friday Sale with our new layout of organic stories featuring TOT with new sliders which out performed polls. I also approached our most loyal followers and around 60 re-posted our BF promotions. This is down to the strong, respectful and fun relationships I believe I've maintained and grown with our influencers.

Another large project of mine in November was the organisation and execution of the upcoming plan and rollout of 12 days of Christmas. This is a two week period of all Christmas UGC and brand collaborations. I was in charge of the entire campaign from communications to final posting. By the end of November our 12 days were looking like the following:

  • 1st: Designer dog toys and accessories and £2500 worth of PJs with Barc London

  • 2nd: CP gifting flatlay image

  • 3rd: Taylor Berzins UCC - festive wrapping

  • 4th: Art kit and matching PJS with Brush and Bubbles

  • 5th: The best kind of deliveries UGC **pooch not included**

  • 6th: PJ's and £350 worth of Skincare with Murad

  • 7th: PJ's and £250 worth of best selling make up products with Benefit

  • 8th: Gif flatlay images - snowed under with gift choices this Christmas

  • 9th: PJ's and £100 voucher with Joma Jewellery

  • 10th: £200 worth of PJ's and 9ct old ring worth £750 with Vintage Pink London

  • 11th: Cosy Christmas Family Reel with Nina Home and Gardens

  • 12th: 2x 1yr membership to Beyond App and PJ's with Beyond by Megan Grubb

A super exciting project that was brought to us in November, was our gifting scheme for the Jingle Bell Ball - hosted by Capital Radio. They got in touch with me via email, which meant we were asked to gift to the following artists who were performing. We provided gift packages and I wrote hand written notes and got them delivered! We gift to:

  • Justin Bieber

  • Coldplay

  • Ed Sheeran

  • JLS

  • Jonasu

  • KSI

  • Anne Marie

  • Aitch

  • Years and Years

  • Jesy nelson

  • Jax Jones

  • Tom Grennan

  • Clean Bandit

  • Mimi Webb

  • Becky Hill

  • Riton

  • Sigrid

  • Joel Corry

  • Griff

  • Nathan Dawe

  • Shane Codd

Towards the en d of November, our giveaway and partnership with Unplugged Rest has gone live. I ran all of our meetings online with the head of the company, Dan and our giveaway was very successful! We worked with a mutual influencer to create content which was part of the giveaway visuals - it drove 1k likes and 500 comments.

I also worked on a Christmas in Edinburgh blog by Alice Snedden, featuring our PJs and heh travel recommendations. I designed the brief, wrote up and edited the final bog and created and shared supporting organic content for it.

By the end of November, our feed was looking like:

Overall, we drove some really successful posts, an overall engagement rate of 2.25%, over 14million reach and 5.6k following increase.

Over on TikTok we worked with Hannah Lowther on a twist on her viral 'This is my Outfit of the Day' - which was super fun to recreate. Her post got 122k views, see our re-share here. Lastly, Our Vintage TikTok ad gained over 400k views and 1k likes from very little spend behind it!


I kicked off December with the 12 days of Christmas campaign, introducing the concept to our community and rolling our the first brand collaboration. I kicked it off with organic TOT stories and a sustainability campaign focused on the sustainability of Christmas trees : Real Vs Fake - How sustainable is your Christmas Tree? The first brand collaboration was with Barc London and featured the chance to win a collection of designed dog accessories and toys and our PJs. It received great engagement, with 842 comments and 1k likes.

I also attended our first TikTok Live Shopping Session in the first week of December, leading BTS and production assistance. It was a super fun way to work and met a great team of people. I created and posted supporting organic content too. It was a really fun, live event to attend and help with - glad I wasn't presenting though!

We completed a ECOM flatlay shoot, in which I was the lead CP attendee. We focused on gif video creation, featuring our PJs in winter landscapes, gifting products and packaging . It was super fun to create this type of content from assisting with the creative direction, styling and BTS. Some of the content we captured is below. It has also driven great engagement on our social channels - bringing in thousands of likes and has also been a fun feature on our website.

As mid-December comes around, the 12 days of Christmas Campaign is up and it's gone SO well! I'm super happy with the results and reaction from our audience for all our content! To recap, the 12 day period brought in:

  • Average 24.2% engagement rate



Competition/Partnership Stats

  • Barc London : 1095 likes, 842 comments, 50 saves, 6.35% engagement rate

  • Brush and Bubbles : 1106 likes, 526 comments, 37 saves, 6.29% engagement rate

  • Murad Skincare : 1511 likes, 876 comments, 58 saves, 2.5% engagement rate

  • Benefit Makeup : 1977 likes, 1501 comments, 68 saves, 12.6% engagement rate

  • Joma Jewellery : 1893 likes, 1560 comments, 50 saves, 12.1% engagement rate

  • Vintage Pink London : 1338 likes, 1362 comments, 85 saves, 9.69% engagement rate

  • Beyond by Megan Grubb : 5135 likes, 1381 comments, 95 saves, 7% engagement rate

Top Performing UGC Stats

  • Ultimate festive morning : 1143 likes, 29 comments and 5 saves from 6k reach, 17.49% engagement rate

  • Curve Fairisle : 1164 likes, 31 comments and 7 saves from 7k reach, 16.69% engagement rate

  • Festive cockapoo : 1042 likes, 39 comments and 13 saves from 9k reach, 12.01% engagement rate

  • Family Fairisle reel : 116k plays, 2280 likes, 259 comments, 82 saves from 109k reach

  • Doggy deliveries : 947 likes, 56 comments and 9 saves from 11k reach, 8.63% engagement rate

Completing this 12 day campaign, working with the 7 different brands and executing all content briefs, channels and negotiations has been a really interesting and fulfilling exercise! A huge thank you and shoutout to all the brands and their teams that i worked with! It was amazing to work with everyone and so cool to receive PR/gift packages as a thank you! As. a result of this campaign our Chelsea Peers channel hit its KPI of 95k! A hue achievement and milestone! For December, overall IG performance = ER of 6.07%, 200k impressions, 11k likes, 3k comments, 6.22k following increase, 9/13 top performing posts were UGC not competitions

  • During the rest of December, I've been focusing on the social strategy for 2022 for organic, paid and email. Mapping out calendars, content plans and content themes/ideas to get ahead and maximise planning.

  • I also created the paid ads for Boxing Day including video and static. Alongside this, I created email banner graphics for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years. I've also done this previously for other seasonal events such as Halloween.

Unfortunately, during December we faced a large backlash from a serious malfunction at our warehouse. All of our Black Friday Sales orders that were processed weren't packaged and sent out so around 12k orders had around 3 weeks delivery delays. This caused a real issue for Customer service and social media posting went a little crazy with people taking to Facebook and Instagram to post their complaints. I was leading the social front and dealing with all online comments which took great patience and careful management. We all as a team, chipped into the CS team as they were bombarded for weeks with tickets and this as a company, took priority over everyone's individual jobs. The management skills and customer facing skills I developed through this were amazing and we managed to dilute and control the situation to the best we could, with an new focus for 2022 in building back our customer support and reliance plus build our brand name and trust back to a high level as this was diminished throughout his period. Scary times but we've all stuck together and will get through this!


2022! Happy New Year. As we move into January, we've had a pause on socials posting, minimising content to around 2 posts per week as we want to minimise content that could be a catalyst for backlash from customers not receiving their orders. January was also a slower month online with many posts being archived as not a lot of content was gaining traction. Stats for the month stand at:

  • ER of 2.3%

  • 3k likes, 150 comments and 400 saves

  • 700 follower increase

January projects were focused on EOSS ads - creation and roll out for all socials, google display and affiliates. I also did the same project roll-out for Wellness SS22 - our first collection launch of 2022 - due to go live in Feb.

I also spent a lot of time this month, organising and getting ready for our launch event. I was in charge of the entire event, including the location, set up, scripts, online technical components, gifting packages, press attendees, food and hosting. I also researched and held all communications and negotiations with our host speaker - writing content briefs and scripts for Jenni - The Mindful Soul - and sorting contracts.

I processed and sent out gift packages, hand-written notes and food hampers per attendee - provided by Olive and Pickle. I wrote up and delivered the script to our hosts, set up the set and had all the collection available to showcase. I also attended the event and acted as a model for our collection showcase. The event was a huge success, with 15 attendees and press. We got great coverage on socials and press coverage.

Alongside our launch event, I've also been planning and researching into our Wellness campaign, pulling together organic social content ideas, teaser plans, launch plans and brand collabs/gifting lists.

The Wellness Project _ Campaign plan
Download PDF • 20.16MB

I've been working with Becca this month, our new Brand Manager - she's based in NYC - but we've had the best relationship so far and working with her has been super fun and really helpful in terms of planning, strategy and creativity. :)


As February rolled in, we celebrated Chinese New Year - the year of the tiger, with a special organic series of tiger print PJs which proved super successful and put the style we spotlighted in our top sold products for that week. This was amazing to see a socials post drive such a majority of sales!

I launched Wellness Project SS22 rolling out our teaser and launch campaign via all social media platforms and hosted our launch event! It was a morning event, held online, with our team streaming from our head office. We had 15 attendees with press and our Wellness Speaker! The event went all to plan and we got some great coverage from the event with influencers posting and press coverage the week after. It was an amazing event to organise and hold and I developed a lot of time management and organisation skills!

Our teaser to launch campaign brought in a 4.41% ER, 1.3k likes, 686 comments and 75 saves. Proving to be a super successful campaign! Some of the content is attached below.

I rolled our the start of our Wellness Campaign 10 Day Challenge, we featured:

  • Spotify Wellness Playlist - which I researched and created

  • Sustainable morning routine

  • Wellness Reading with @itsccreads_ - her 5 recommendations

  • The Art of Manifestation with quotes from @manifestationbabe , @kat_horrocks , @themirrorseries , @higheselfhoney

  • Embracing House Plants with UGC from @house.plantsuk a Q&A and top tips

  • Learning something new today with team videos showing what they've learnt to increase their knowledge brain stimulation from Archie - Head of Ecom and Becca - Senior Brand Manager

  • Breathwork Exercises with Jenni from @themindfulsoul (our Wellness Speaker) - featuring a reel

  • New ways to drink water

  • Stay at Home HIIT Workout with @fitdocfolu - featuring 6x exercises in a reel in our loungewear

  • Digital detox evening tick-list

Our partnership with SheerLuxe went live this week too, part of a website competition on their WIN page - which has been fun to organise and roll out. I've also created all the supporting organic content. We've also partnered with UpCircle Beauty for the upcoming feature, including their samples in all of our orders placed. I assisted with negotiations and communications of this partnership.

Mid Feb, we rolled our our Valentines Day Campaign showcasing our Wrapped and Ready gifts. Our socials posts spiked ER and performed super well. I ran and organised a UGC organic campaign with some of our influencers for Valentines Day focusing on what they think is important in relationships.

On a last minute initiative, on 22.02.2022 I launched a competition after researching the industry and their actions, to win 2x £200 vouchers due to the one-time special date. This was our best performing competition to date with 2.1k likes, 700 comments and 129 saves. We reached 35k and had 3k profile visits. Plus we gained 600 following in 24hrs.

I've also been planning and researching the mini-campaign for our upcoming launch our organic loungewear. I pitched a marketing concept and proposal to Becca my ideas and she has approved it, so now the whole campaign concept, marketing messaging and ad campaign is focused on my idea!

My pitched idea is :

To go alongside this, there will be a quiz on our website assigning a set to your personality. This will also bleed into gifting and influencer collabs. The five colours and feelings are :

Blue: Calmness

Coral: Confidence

Yellow: Energetic

Mint: Positivity

Purple: Creativity

I've been building the teaser and launch campaign, alongside attending the ECOM shoot to direct the videography and the BTS.

Before the start of March, I've been building our International Women's Campaign and a paid collaboration with Amelia Taylor featuring our PJs and loungewear in a styling video - I was in charge of the creative brief, the contract and the communications with her agency. I've also been creating the organic and paid ads to support our March Partnership with Women's Aid.

Towards the tend of Feb we ran a giveaway featuring an exclusive sold out pair of PJS that was featured in Emily in Paris which received 1/6k likes, 500 comments, 210 saves and reached 31k. We gained 400 following in 24hrs. I shot the content myself and posted the giveaway as an exclusive tie to our recently spotted PJs.

Our Feb feed ended bringing in an ER of 6.24%, 8.3k likes, 1.2k likes and 495 saves. We reached 156k organic users. and gained 1.25k following. Feb turned out to be a very successful month!

It was amazing to see the couple campaign imagery as I suggested this angle/pose as an image! (top right)


We launched our partnership with Women’s Aid this month - I created organic stories and feed posts to support using their information. We also launched our Student Beans discount which I researched and gifted to students to spread the word/discount code.

March Organic IG Overview

  • ER of 6.75%

  • 159k impressions

  • 105k reach



  • 1k saves

  • 4.68k following increase

During this month, I organised and rolled out a L’Occitaine Giveaway, communicating with L’Occtaine to partner on a socials. I sent our PR package for them to shoot both of our products together. I directed the photography and arranged the giveaway entries - like all of the competitions/partnerships I’ve done before. The competition ended up receiving:

  • 23.10% ER



  • 757 saves

  • 228 follows

  • 558 profile views and 49 product clicks

I also worked with Kielh's this month - personally organising and overseeing the sales of 6k from 2x wholesale orders from an outreach message. They featured our navy modal in their press packages sent out to 200 people for their Midnight Skincare Launch. this was a super successful collaboration and a great income from socials!

For International Women's Day this month, I researched and did specific gifting and followed a trending campaign : #breakthebias - featuring over 12 influencers all in our PJs doing the pose. I also featured Gemma Adby a disability influencer which got a great ER of 3.74%, 344 likes and 14 comments. It was the top post of the month minus the competition.

Towards the middle of March, we've hit a massive milestone! One of our gifted influencers posted about our PJs and this got picked up by Caroline Hirons, a very well known and trusted reviewer/influencer. She posted about our PJs and tagged us and we received over 3k following, thousands of profile views, website views and sales. Her posting drove in total around 16k website views, 2k following and drove around 1.5k of sales, pushing our weekly sales to £3.2k - the highest all year!

This made us reach our 100k milestone a lot quicker than expected and we celebrated reaching 100k! From when I started in June last year, it’s amazing to see the 40k increase since I’ve been running the account.

During the third week of March, we rolled our two week campaign for the Organic Collection - which features all my directed photography, paid ads, marketing message and concept and organic social content. I researched and developed our organic loungewear gifting list and made sure everyone chose a set to which they resonate with. We gifted 45 influencers within this campaign - which I as per every collection, outreached to, gathered their details, processed orders for and followed up for content.

Our teaser and launch campaign on feed brought in:

ER : 2.86%

Likes : 500

Comments : 50

Saves : 30

See campaign posts here and here

For organic collection, I created 5x videos for TT to demonstrate the different moods/colours of the collection. I edited the footage and picked audios for each video posting them on our TT account. It's been so amazing to see this collection launch and my ideas come to live, both on the shoot, with the marketing and the organic socials.

To tie in with Organic we organised a candle giveaway - since we wanted to build our senses marketing message - assigning feelings with colours - we partnered with a UK candle company - Octo London- creating 5x scents for our 5x feelings and running a giveaway promoting this. I ran all the correspondence, brand picking and scents/colour negotiation. I also organised with the owner of the brand to take some lifestyle images for the giveaway visuals.

I organised two paid collaborations this month. I worked with a vegan skincare/beauty influencer and a fashion influencer. I wrote creative briefs, negotiated contracts and prices and rolled out the content.

  • Vegan Skincare Routine with @emjedit featuring products from Evolve Beach, Luneia and Tropic Skincare. She wore our organic cotton Pjs and created a reel featuring her evening routine. It performed well, gaining ___ views, 150 likes, 13 comments and a ER of ___

  • Gemma Talbot - styling our organic loungewear 5 ways - potentially the most loved collaboration to date. Receiving 11k views, 175 likes, 33 comments and a ER of ___. I also wrote a blog from her written Q&A within her creative brief.


April has been an odd month, with a serious push back on launch dates for Shorelines - our first SS22 campaign/collection due to stock arrivals, we’ve had around 6 weeks in total of treading water. Myself and Becca brainstormed content themes and social media content for us to fill in the gaps before we were able to launch. We ran mini campaigns focusing on :

  • Transitional PJs - cream, navy and white - I created edits, content for IG/FB, lookbooks and influencer looks we love edits

  • Summer is coming - I created video ads and organic video content using our wellness campaign video footage. I edited, chose music, changed the format for sequence settings for 4 versions.

Other tasks I completed this months are as follows:

  • Focused on student gifting and EU gifting to lift site sales

  • Weekly reporting and monthly reporting - I'm really gaining massive confidence and skills in reporting. Feel at ease with presenting and comfortable justifying my thoughts and the data

  • I curated organic content to support out Bank holiday sales and Easter sales organic promotion assets

  • Verified user engagement and OG influencer lists for collection gifting and online communication

  • Family matching - video edits made with new audios for TT and IG - reels

  • First IG guide - what your PJS says about you using our posts

  • Large bridal gifting to Sasha Pillari for bridal party photography

  • I created the Shorelines ads - video, family version, bed to beach and another edit. Chose the music, editing the footage, formats.

  • I also assisted with the hero photography selection process - picking all of the best images for teaser, launch, menswear, womenswear, kids-wear and categories like short, long, satin and matching


We finally rolled out the teaser and Launch campaigns of the Shorelines Collection! We got 3.80% ER, 508 likes, 175 comments and 30 saves. We also gained 250 followers in 2 days.

I was able to process all of our gifting and brand collaboration orders and we ended up gifting to 80 people.

Our feed for May, has started to look like this. We've been running mini competitions - encouraging people to engage with our feed- focusing on our key prints and winning matching summer PJs, alongside verified influencers strategies which has boosted our overall engagement and channel performance.. Our May stats are looking like :

  • 4.10% ER



  • 500 saves

On our launch day of Shorelines, I planned and organised a team day out to West Wittering for a beach clean as part of our organic campaign. I organised it with The National Trust, West Wittering Beach and The Marine Conservation Society. We had press attend and the whole team spent the morning on the beach picking up rubbish! We picked up 9kg of rubbish, had a mini breakfast and took lots of photos in our collection PJS! I organised the transport, food and photography. I also created and edited content on the day and wrote our a blog for our website for sustainability content. I edited and shared my images with press and our team.

During May, I've been focusing on our other upcoming collections for SS22. Summertime Retro and our mini campaigns of Menswear, Bridal and Mini Peers.

I've been building our decks of organic marketing, socials plans and gifting/brand partnerships for all of our 2022 collections.

I've been developing marketing plans for all socials, with a focus on Instagram and TikTok. Researching and developing/managing partnerships and completing all gifting strategies.

  • Planning for Retro Pool Party

Summertime Retro_ Campaign Plan
Download PDF • 29.78MB

  • Planning for Bridal Collection and Menswear drop

Summer sale, Menswear and Bridal Edit
Download PDF • 25.98MB

Also, like every month since Feb, I've also completed our monthly social reports for our marketing department. See March and May examples below:

Social Media Monthly Report _ March
Download PDF • 6.94MB

Social Media Monthly Report _ May
Download PDF • 12.07MB

Exciting note - Kim Kardashian and Pete Davison were spotted at our office last night eating at the restaurant below us!


The first two weeks of June have brought in some great stats including some Royal lounging content for the Queens Jubilee (we changed our marketing slogan, navigation on website e.g. women's - queen's and all social logos and bios) and also our Teaser campaign of Summertime Retro. I did a lot of gifting early this month as we had stock in, so have already gifting to around 45 influencers. I created all of the organic marketing assets for Summertime Retro and have kicked off our marketing calendar featuring swimwear, pjs ad poolside glamour and festival wear.

The video ads I also created for Summertime Retro have gone live - both family and womenswear.

During the end of May and the start of June, I've been focusing on TikTok a lot more, focusing on our gifting strategy there and creating content specific to current trends and audios.Some of the videos I've directed and organised are below. As a channel, we're 10% up on ER from April and have `also started our TikTok shop to generate sales.

As June continues, i'm working on plans for AW22 - our collection Supercharged Simplicity and Dreamlands. Alongside our Summer Sale, Bridal Launch, Kids-wear launch in September, menswear focuses including brand partnerships and brand partnerships for Retro Summertime. I'm also creating Made for Modern Lounging campaign videos, editing footage from all SS22 collections. Busy times! At the end of June, I'll be heading back to Mallorca with Katy - our new shoot manager for our AW22 campaign shoot, as I've pitched and planned all of our teaser content and BTS and need to be there as the lead TikTok content maker and BTS co-ordinator. Exciting times to come!

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