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The Birth of Consciousness

2010 was the birth of conscious consumerism, where we learnt about how global leading companies contributed to climate change, mass pollution.

Consumers started to gain a conscious awareness and question the real time efforts being made to reverse the damage previously and currently being made to the planet at the hands of the fashion industry

2011 : Desire Without Destruction:

More brands aim to create sustainability as a norm

2013 : Rana Plaza Tragedy :

The collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh which had five garment factories inside, resulting in the death of 1,132. Exposing the unethical working environment, poor labour conditions, hazardous working areas, one of the lowest wages in the world, and a high level of work-related incidents revealed how devastating the situation was

2014 : Attention and Introduction:

Millions of films and campaigns were brought into light

2015 : Clean Our Oceans :

Attention gravitates to the damage we're inflicting on our waters due to fashion production

2016 : Sustainable Fashion Weeks and Runways:

The light is shone on sustainability with global coverage on the dedication of minimising the fashion industries actions and bi-products

2017 : Goodbye Fur :

Huge historical brands like GUCCI went fur free, creating a chain reaction for many others

2018 : Heat and Future Forward:

Campaigns such as Vivienne Westwood's "Buy Less, Dress Up" introduced a DIY aesthetic and reinforced the message against fast fashion

2019 : Materials and Origins :

Frequently asked questions such as "what's it made of?" give light to multiple collections being made and focused around sustainable and recycled material. Examples include: Prada, Burberry and Stella McCartney x ADIDAS Infinite hoodie, made by liquifying fibres to create new ones - NuCycl

2020 : Calling for Authenticity and Transparency :

Consumers demand that a product may be “sustainable” but is its social and environmental footprint correct? No longer content with half-hearted attempts to make sustainable amends, consumers and organisations have increased the pressure on brands CSR

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