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Fashion Film Portfolio @ Northumbria University


Building upon the colourful and playful elements of stop motion, I thought of the idea of using highlighters and injecting life into them. I wanted to make the movements and drawings dynamic and cheeky, to match the colours and mood of the short film. Our studio name is CLIK, a name I came up with by combining our initials into an electronic, film associated studio name.

Stop Motion, Magazines de Mode

I used elements of collage from fashion magazines for 'Magazines de Mode', to create a a short film with dynamic movement and create a feeling of changing personalities as the figures moved, gaining and removing different fashion garments on each shot. I wanted this to resemble the impact of fashion and how it can change the outward persona of a person and how they might be viewed in the world.

Slow Motion in New York

Our last taste of freedom before the world shut its borders and content creation was limited. Our week long trip to New York, captured in slow motion. Combining slow motion editing to a fast paced city vlog. Opposite ends of the videography scale, combined with Jazz, to encompass the true meaning of New York and capture its inherent magic, that will never fade.

PUMA X RHUDE Slow Motion Film for Concept Store

As part of my fashion space module, I used film in my store concept for my chosen brand collaboration. Fuzing my previous time spent in Joshua Tree and the film footage I had collected there, I made this short slow motion film to capture inspiration and a mood of the brand collaboration, furthering the narrative of my store concept. I used audio sound clips of winds in the Mojave Desert to add a dramatic feel, enabling me to capture the feel of the landscape and the recreate the atmosphere of the location the film was set in.

Animated Gifs

Inspired by the COS short film 'The Sound of COS', I wanted to create something similar. Self care is a huge strap line this year, due to the turns of events that have put great strains on the mental health of many. With the heading of self care and the use of sounds to encompass self care I created this short animated gif.

Unable to create content with individuals face to face, photoshoots went online. I combined Facetime and animated gif editing to create this short film to capture the importance of keeping connected with the people in your life and how technology enables this.

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