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Feminism & The Topic of Sex

It's been two years since the rise of the #MeToo movement and thanks to a new Feminist agenda, the way we view and talk about sex is changing.

Allison Moon says “Feminism is designed to respond to an inequality in society, this includes equal access to the joy and pleasure of sex. Everybody’s voice matters.” When it comes to 'Feminist sex', I believe that women in any kind of relationship, should feel empowered to take decisions regarding their own bodies and be assertive about what they like and don't like. Luckily this is a growing culture, around many parts of the world and lots of people are happier and more confident in their relationships and their own minds/voices.

Unfortunately it hasn't always been this way as I know from personal experience that there has been a culture - that myself and many of my close friends have felt whilst growing up - of expectation of what girls should do( and like to do) in regards to sex and sexual acts. I feel one of the biggest contributing factors to this societal expectation, expands from aspects of music - lyrics/music videos - , provocative media and pornography. I feel this has influenced both female and male expectation and assumption, of what sex is between two people. This is unfortunately in a negative way, where either person feels pressurised and the joy of the act is removed because they're acting out of expectation, not what they're comfortable with.

I also believe body hair is another struggle of feminism principles. Where the majority of people alter their bodies appearance due to their actual wants; compared to others, who feel a pressure to look a certain way, because they think the opposite sex favours it and the natural look is labelled as 'un-groomed and dirty' because it's not shown in 'idealistic sex' on media.

Going forward, for future generations and altering the current generations view and ethics on sex, I think the key to happy relationships with less expectation; is communication. I really believe this should be taught within schools, reflecting a different angle on Sex Education, teaching both young girls and boys the importance of inter-communication within relationships, including how to express ones feelings, ones wants and ones needs, without being scared and acting under the pressure of expectation.

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