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Expert Tips for the Perfect Skincare Routine

Research, Reading and Pinpointing :

First step is to know what kind of skin type you have. Wether thats oily, combination or dry, find out what your skin is craving and what areas need the most attention. For example, I find I have a dry t-zone and suffer from dark circles under my eyes.

Map your skin, get to know it and understand its wants and needs!

Establishing a Daily Routine including cleansing, toning and moisturising

CLEANSING - removes impurities, cleans and refreshes the skin from any make up, SPF or oils

TONING - (a step I admit to not embracing in past years) readies the skin so less product is needed for your next skincare steps

MOISTURISING - hydrates skin, reduces water loss and acts as an invisible barrier to protect and care for your skin

*Extra Tips*

SPF - this should be worn everyday to reduce pigmentation and protect the skin against long exposure to harmful rays

FACIAL MASSAGE - stimulation reduces puffiness and increases circulation. Massage also tones skin and can improve the texture and completion.

MASKS - I usually smother a mask all over my face without thinking about it, but specific masks have specific treatments so use the mask where and when you need it, e.g. oily t-zone. Reduce product usage and target skin/areas which need it most!


Our skin isn't used to the new norms of wearing masks and PPE, so take extra steps to keep your skin clean, free from dirt and agitation. Remember to cleanse and clean skin, keep masks clean (washable masks tend to be better than disposable) and wear barrier creams to reduce itching and irritation.

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