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And Breath..... It's Bath Time

There are two types of people in the world, the shower lovers and the bath lovers. This ones for the bath lovers.

The Secrets to Creating the Best Bath Experience

  • Mood lighting : one word, CANDLES.

  • Bath salts : a personal favourite are Epsom salts, best for sore muscles and aching bodies. Sprinkle a handful into your bath and soak. I promise your body will feel less tense after!

  • Aromatherapy : choosing the right combination of oils for smell, mood and intention can be tricky. Choose calming smells like lavender, camomile and sandlewood for relaxation and invigorating smells like geranium to awaken the mind and spirit.

  • Music : recreate those spa feels, turn the music down but have it playing softly in the background, instant ambiance!

  • Get the temperature, just right : I know theres a bit of a myth around women liking bath water super hot and I do fall into this stereotype, cause personally the hotter the better, but sometimes too hot can actually damage your skin and leave your body feeling worse than before.

  • Commit to the bath mindset : clear your diary and leave the rest of the evening to sleep, a good book, a healthy meal or simply being. Less screen time and activity the better, commit to rest and the bath will do its job.

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