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30 Things To Do - Autumn Lockdown Edition

1. Go on an autumn walk - grab your housemates and get outside!

2. Have a halloween/cosy film day - think Hocus Pocus and hot chocolate

3. Bake a cake

4. Eat a cosy meal - stew, chilli, pie, roast etc

5. Treat yourself to some self care products - think face masks, shower gels, hair treatments, moisturiser and bath bombs

6. Go to a farmers market

7. Decorate your room - think fairy lights, photos, cosy cushions and throws, candles

8. Go fruit / veg picking

9. DIY cosy light decorations - think empty bottles and fairy lights

10. Deep clean your house for winter

11. Bake a pie - sweet or savoury

12. Go on a winter shopping trip - stock up on comfy essentials and warm outerwear

13. Plan halloween outfits / celebrations - make a list of what you want to dress up as, your plans for the evening and what you need to buy to decorate / have a great evening

14. Go to a social distancing festival

15. Go for a walk/run in the rain

16. Movie marathon - whole series or film collection

17. Paint nails for winter in a new autumn shade

18. Learn a new skill online

19. Listen to a new educational/skills podcast - photography, crime, fitness or science - whatever you want to learn about!

20. Have a game night with snacks and drinks - think monopoly meets margaritas

21. Complete a workout, either via app or video

22. Have a beach day, winter version!

23. Discover your family tree - it's so easy with amazing sites like :

24. Draw, colour or paint

25. Organise - drawers, wardrobe, desk - the lot

26. Host a pizza making evening - think tomatoes, basil and a whole lotta cheese!

27. Create a mood board / bucket list for 2021 - work, travel, love, friendship, life goals

28. Learn to play an instrument or a practice a new language

29. Download a few apps to help with mental health and brain knowledge - keep the mind active and safe!

30. Get in contact with a long lost friend

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