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A Travellers Guide to LA

One of my favourite cities in California. A lot of traffic, many wanna-be movie stars and quite a few real movie stars. The Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Beach, Bel Air and Rodeo Drive are just a few jewels of LA.

Beverly Hills and Bel Air

After braving the traffic and making it to LA, I checked into my hotel and headed straight to Beverly Hills and Bel Air to explore those areas. I've always wanted to drive through this LA suburb and it didn't disappoint. Give yourself an afternoon and walk/drive the streets, exploring the neighbourhood with its gorgeous houses, gated communities and palm trees.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is another must, even if its just to realise how much you cannot afford anything sold on this street, it's still fun to pretend!

Santa Monica

The next morning, drive to the coast and spend the whole day in Santa Monica, trust me you won't regret it. Santa Monica was one of my favourite spots in all of California, with its lively culture, high energy, crowds, sandy beaches, surfers and skate boarders.


Hollywood. An area I thought would be the poshest area, but turns out it's not! The Walk of Fame and TLC Chinese Theater are great sights to see but I personally wouldn't spend all day here.

**Make sure to book tickets well in advance as these can see out very fast!

The Hollywood Sign and The Griffin Observatory

A brilliant way to look over the whole of LA and a brilliant, educational experience. The observatory is a slight drive out of the city, so make sure to give yourself enough time to get there.


During my stay in LA, I stayed at the beautiful hotel Mr C's. The hotel has amazing views across LA and is in a brilliant central location.

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