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A Travellers Guide to Barcelona

From my 5 day trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona, I thought I'd write a quick travel guide to one of the worlds most famous cities; including where I went, what I saw, best places to go and tips on how to maximise your time!

Day #1 | Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera & Casa Batllo 

 Visting the stunning Sagrada Familia was at the top of my to-do list in Barcelona and it was as impressive as I thought it'd be. The scale and detail of the architecture, both inside and out are mindblowing; it really takes your breath away. 10/10!


- For the best pictures, visit the garden, across the road from the church. 

- Book tickets well in advance, they sell out so fast!

- Walk round twice. Get your pictures, take your panoramic videos and capture all the memories you can, but make sure to walk around again without a camera or phone. Remember to take in the atmosphere, look at the building and  be respectful, it's a church after all!

La Pedrera - another world famous Gaudi creation, featuring the butterfly inspired iron gates and the 'warrior' statues on the roof - this is well worth a visit! Take your time wandering around this amazing building and marvel at the naturistic architecture!


- Buy tickets in advance, as it's a very popular site, don't be dissapointed!

- Roof terrace is very crowded, so be aware, take your time

Casa Battle - this was my favourite Gaudi artwork, other than the Sagrada Familia. The world famous 'dragon' roof and the bonelike exterior of the Casa Batllo makes it one of Barcelona's most unusual but beautiful buildings.


- Again, book tickets in advance, they sell out. Buying tickets online allows you to skips queues to0!

- A lot of stairs, take water!

 Lunch break! (VERY important...)

We had this amazing on-street lunch at Nubar, they had incredible food & a deal on - 3 course meal and a drink for €19, BARGAIN!

Day #2 | Gothic Quarter, La Ramblas & Beyond!

On the second day we got up and out early, enjoying breakfast by Barcelona's Cathedral and wandering round the gorgeous Gothic Quarter.

There is a lot to see in this section of the city, so allow a full day! We started at the catherdral, got lost exploring many of the old city streets then wandered down to 'Placa Reial' - a gorgeous plaza featuring Gaudi's lamposts and fountain. We also had lunch here. Be aware - it's quite expensive here as it's a touristy spot, so make sure to check the menus!

After lunch, we made our way towards Las Ramblas - the most famous street in Barcelona! The street is full of markets, so take a look around and wander down the long promanade - all the way to the sea!

 Little added extra, we look a 40 minute boat ride around the coast, something different & it was cheap and cheerful! Nice to see Barcelona from a different angle...

Day #3 | Markets, Picasso Museum, Flameno & Catalan Independence Parades!

Foreign food markets have to be one of my favourite things about going abroad... the sights, the smells, the colours! Be sure to make time for a trip to Barcelona's food market and remember to bring plenty of money, you're gonna want to try everything!

Now this is going to sound bad.... as much respect I have for Picasso and his work, because it's world famous and of course he is a talented artist, I couldn't fall in love with his work!

Guess art is truly up to the interpretation of the individual but sadly for me, Picasso's Museum fell into the catergory of 'one to try because you have to whilst you're there!'. 

We stumbled upon this show by sheer luck! Booking to see the 7.30 performance, we grabbed some quick tapas in 'TAPEO' across the street and then it was time!

The show was incredible, with live singing, music and flamenca; it was the ultimate Spanish evening!

 The best 'patatas bravas' I had - so I'd say it's worth a visit! 

During our visit, it was the festival for Catalonian Independence - great accidental planning!

During the night there were huge live shows and amazing parades with drummers and model fire-breathing dragons. The atmosphere was amazing, the music was loud and it was a great scene to be a part of!

Day #4. Park Guëll & Shopping - Cause You Can't Miss It Out!

A fantastic escape from the bustle of the city, with its gardens and gorgeous funky buildings/features, Park Guëll is unmissable. 


- Beat the crowds and go on a weekday, weekends are B U S Y !

- Buy tickets well in advance to get a good time slot and not miss out.

- Most of the park lacks shade, so take a hat and water if visiting in the summer! 

- Iconic pictures can be taken without crowds, take your time...

After we'd hit the main sights and ticked off our to-do lists, we decided to hit the shops. Spoilt for choice with Zara, Pull&Bear, Mango, H&M and more, my debit card had seen better days! We also discovered a gorgeous litle boutique called Friday's Project, selling amazing affordable back-to-basics fashion; so cute!

Have to say after my trip, Barcelona has become one of my top 'to visit' cities. There is so much to do, so much to see and something for everyone.

On the last night, we spent some time by the beach and got to watch a firework display over the bay. Plus with clubs & bars a stone's throw away, it's also a great place for nightlife.

Love you Barcelona, hopefully will come back soon!

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