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A Travellers Guide to Bali's Surrounding Islands

Nusa Lembongan : a short boat ride from Sanur, on the east coast of Bali. A gorgeous island, with many view points, sandy beaches, cliff top bars/restaurant, mangrove forests, jungle bike rides and rocky shores; including the Blue Lagoon and Devils Tears Bay.

We stayed in Jiba Bungalow and rented a buggy (not cool enough for motorbikes) and drove around the island! 

Places I’d recommend to see / stay :

- Jiva Bungalow - hostel - The Decks - dinner / lunch - Blue Lagoon / Devil’s Tears Bay - sunset views - Dream Beach - sunbathing / great lunch spot - Nusa Ceningan - Yellow Bridge / Ceningan Cliffs  

Here are some pictures of the island and some places we visited! 🌴

Secondly, also off the East coast are three islands known as the ‘Gili’s’. Gili T - the party island, Gili M - the family friendly island & Gili Air - the relaxing island. During my trip to Indonesia I visited Gili T for just under a week and would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for beautiful beaches, great nightlife, water activities and amazing dining out. 🌞 

Things to know about Gili T :

- No cars! So transport includes renting bikes and cycling, horse and cart or simply walking - never a chore when you have beautiful sandy beaches & turquoise seas to gaze at!

- Gili T is the travellers destination for a party, so make sure you’re ready for the crowds of people, loud music and thriving bars!

Here are a few pictures of the island and a few things we did and places we went too. We stayed at an amazing hostel called La Favella, which was so pretty and the staff were so sweet, helping us with boat trips and renting bikes.

Here are a collection of pictures from around the island! 🇮🇩

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