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The Fashion Lovers Guide to Reducing Plastic Consumption

PLASTIC - there's no denying that we humans are too reliant on it and have been destroying the planet with it for decades.

Disposable packaging and single use plastic is everywhere! It makes me sick when I see avocados packaged in a plastic bag, cardboard tray AND a plastic lid on top - necessary? NO!

We've all seen the heart-wrenching videos of whales with stomachs full of plastic botttles, listen to David Attenborough educate us on Blue Planet and we've all heard May's war on throwaway culture, but do things change? What will it take for each individual person to take action and make a difference.

With that thought, here are a few simple ways to reduce the amount of plastic in your lives, to slowly make a difference. 

1. Forget Plastic Water Bottles, Buy a Steel One! (they're much prettier anyway)

With more than a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every 60 seconds and less than half of them being recycled, I think it's time to make a stand on it.

So many brands sell their own, so finding one with a funky pattern shouldn't be hard. There are several companies that put a % of their profit to wildlife organasiations too; double bonus!

2. Invest in a Shopping Bag, YOU LOVE!

Save your 10p and save necessary plastic use! Invest in a good shopping bag, one that can be re-used or one that can be a statement accessory, it's up to you; just don't keep buying plastic bags! 

ps : You can find some great ones on New Look

3. Reusable Straws - Glass, Steel or Bamboo 

Now that straws are being discontinued and won't be allowed in the UK anymore, there's never been a better time to buy some reusable straws. Travelling in Bali gave me my inspiration to buy a set of handmade bamboo straws, saving the environment and perfect for those effortless cool drink photos!

4. Supporting & Investing in Brands That Are Trying To Make a Difference


Thousands of brands - such as Adidas and Kanken - have launched their own lines of clothing and shoes that are made from recycled plastic. Saving the planet can be fashionable! 

A side note on clothing - reducing the amount of washes you do, reduces the amount of microfibres that are realised into the water from each item of clothing (around 1,900 microfibres per synthetic garment), reducing the damage to the aquatic wildlife and reducing the percentage of microfibre plastic in the oceans.

5. Making Use of Refilling Stations 

I personally haven't seen this in action yet, but I've heard about it online and I think it's a genius idea! 

More and more supermarkets are now providing refilling stations for everyday household basics, reducing packaging waste! 

On the topic of 'refilling', apply this to your wardrobe - re-using clothes, fighting against the pull of 'fast-fashion' and re-cycling clothes via charity shops, eBay or online selling platforms like Depop.

Hope this blog gives you a few ideas on how to reduce your plastic use and you can put this into action! 

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