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Lacking in Motivation? Let's Get it Back!

Covid-19 and being in lockdown has affected everyone in different ways and what I've personally found is that I've had many days where I've lacked motivation for forward thinking and creativity has dried up!

So, here are my top tips for getting that zing back, for altering your head and getting your brain back into that healthy creative mode!

1. Stop TRYING. Pushing yourself too hard for too long can be counterintuitive, making you less productive and not actually getting a lot done. I've found getting into a healthy routine and scheduling your time can allow for better sessions of dedicated creativity. Break up your time, include things you like to do and allow for relaxation and don't feel bad for taking time off!

2. Alter your SURROUNDINGS. Alter your mood and approach to whatever task you need completing by changing your surroundings. This can be done by opening a window, putting on a different playlist, cleaning your work environment such as tidying you work surface, or working in a different environment - visit a local cafe, take your work outside in the garden or work in a different room in your house.

3. Stick to a ROUTINE. Get up every morning, go outside, exercise and eat healthy. Embrace yoga or meditation, even for 5 minutes a day, it can occupy your mind, build a new interest and add more meaning to your days. Also, please don't underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep!

4. Keep a JOURNAL. Wether this be a mental health journal, goal setter journal or a regular 2020 diary, putting pen to paper really adds a lot of focus to what you get up to and what you plan. It's healthy to be aware of your daily routines and have solid plans.

5. Try something NEW. Take up a new hobby, read something new or watch a new genre of film/series. Opening up your eyes to new creative outlets can build your passions and knowledge. I always find when I do something new, learn or absorb new information I feel better and more awake. Listening to Podcasts, TED talks and watching tutorials to learn a new skill can help too!

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