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Lounge The Way
You Feel

I curated this marketing campaign from initial concept to final completion. I attended all the marketing meetings to pitch and finalise my creative concept; then took the campaign to shoot including directing the overall look and feel of the imagery and videography for both E-commerce and Paid Ads.


I designed a full teaser and launch campaign which ran across organic and paid marketing channels, alongside an interactive quiz for the website.

Lounge the way you feel.


Expressed through a kaleidoscope of hues, each colourway in the collection encapsulates a mood or feeling, from energetic yellow to calming blue.


The collection also carries a conscious message with mixed organic cotton fabrics. Organic cotton uses less water, fuel and energy to produce — better for the planet. Plus, it isn’t exposed to dangerous chemicals — better for the skin.

Today I'm feeling... Energetic? Calm? Confident? Positive? Creative?


Pick your colour and express your mood with Chelsea Peers organic loungewear.

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